Top 10 Fallout 4 Mods Week 33

In no real particular order as we're not ranking mods here are the top 10 mods for week 33 after release of Fallout 4 after the viewership of the lists which I hope you enjoyed. The mods have continued to evolve offering some far better high resolution texture and general mods for Fallout 4.

#10: Simply Modular Housing

Download Here

The ultimate in custom housing allows you to shape almost every little feature in creating an empty house to fill with custom creations. It's crazy to see the amount of in-depth options present to create whatever sort of building you desire.

Fallout 4 Simply Modular Housing Mod

#9: Welcome to Goodneighbor

Download Here

Despite being such an intriguing area there's not much you can in Good Neighbor, now with a selection of fresh dialogue prepare for hours of new quests and adventures to be had within this shady area.

Fallout 4 Welcome to Goodneighbor Mod

#8: Varied Raiders

Download Here

The selection of enemy classes is rather minimal in vanilla Fallout and with this varied raiders pack you can fight 75 unique raiders that will appear during battles and situations for a much more unique experience.

Fallout 4 Varied Raiders Mod

#7: Lacy Underwear

Download Here

The underwear mods have been rather average with Fallout and these ones actually quite realistic in design so it may be something you're looking for if you like to have characters prancing around have naked in the wasteland, as with all mods that's completely up to you.

Fallout 4 Lacy Underwear Mod

#6: Minecraft FO4

Download Here

Minecraft comes to the wasteland as you head through a portal and enter a beautiful world of craft which looks great with many future additions being noted. It creates the feeling of Minecraft while still displaying that distinct Fallout style and looks awesome!

Fallout 4 Minecraft FO4 Mod

#5: School Uniform

Download Here

The whole school uniform thing is something folks like and it's not available for females or males. It comes in a simple design with a number of elegant fabrics to choose between if you'd like. It's another one of those intense and premium type looking mods so enjoy the options.

Fallout 4 School Uniform Mod

#4: Glowing Nuka Cola Quantum Machete

Download Here

This one is a bit different, but all the same quite fun. With this mod you can create a custom glowing Nuka Cola machete to cut up enemies in style and glow. It's a beautiful sight and definitely a bit fun to have on you.

Fallout 4 Glowing Nuka Cola Quantum Machete Mod

#3: Tinas Cookiepocalypse

Download Here

This is a collection mod with some fun quest elements to it creating a rather whacky time, prepare for Tina's Cookiepocalypse! Includes basically a large list of new mod toys to play with and a rather odd quest to run through which is sure to be fun.

Fallout 4 Tinas Cookiepocalypse Mod

#2: Institute Portal Gun

Download Here

Wish I had a Portal gun, wish I had a Portal gun. Wish is now granted for that fun song as you can now create Portals across the wasteland to swiftly travel anywhere you'd like without having to deal with lemon grenades!

Fallout 4 Institute Portal Gun Mod

#1: Episode 2 - Deep Down

Download Here

The second in a two part series that adds unique dialogue, stories and adventures for what's down to be an exciting adventure in the wasteland! Head to Diamond City, meet a girl in a bar and let the quest begin. This continues from where the last quest ended and I definitely suggest going through that to embark on this one as they're quite well done.

Fallout 4 Episode 2 - Deep Down Mod

Hope you found this 33rd week of Fallout 4 mods helpful in living your wasteland life. If you created/have seen any mods that we should check out feel free to send me an email, comment of just let me know in the comments.

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