Top 10 Fallout 4 Mods Week 27

In no real particular order as we're not ranking mods already here are the top 10 mods for week 27 after release of Fallout 4 after the viewership of the lists which I hope you enjoyed. The mods have evolved once more offering some far better high resolution texture and general mods for Fallout 4.

#10: Vampirism Mod

Download Here

You basically just become a vampire and there's a crazy list of things that this comes with to make the dream a reality. Time to strike fear into all of the Commonwealth as you need to drink blood to survive and stare boldly at others with red eyes.

Fallout 4 Vampirism Mod

#9: Cheat Menu Holotape

Download Here

I would say this is the easiest way to cheat and makes it out to be somewhat like the Matrix. It's a Holotape that you can input in and then spawn or tweak game settings with it. Just makes things easier, especially for those that might not be as console-able as others.

Fallout 4 Cheat Menu Holotape Mod

#8: Springtime Flowers

Download Here

Add some color to your wasteland with a selection of bright springtime flowers which bring some more life as it really is a dull place. This is also part of the effort to create a sense of seasonal content from the creator.

Fallout 4 Springtime Flowers Mod

#7: Invisible Furniture

Download Here

The title may sound quite stupid, but this mod is great. It basically allows you to create markers from which your settlers will perform some actions. This includes things such as push-ups, sweeping or a long list of other activities to make it feel a bit more real.

Fallout 4 Invisible Furniture

#6: Build Your Own Pool

Download Here

This is a gret mod for those that want to make their own pools, you simply place these water squares down while in your settlement editor and then they turn into water. I wanted to show the build image here, but there is really water afterwards so you can make your own pool anywhere!

Fallout 4 Build Your Own Pool Mod

#5: The Fisherman's Gambit

Download Here

It's great that we're starting to see full quests being created to continue our wasteland adventures and now you can hunt rumors of this wild Ghoul creature that's been roaming around the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 The Fisherman's Gambit Mod

#4: Underwater Base

Download Here

You get to have a settlement base that's hidden underwater which is awesome. While it may be a bit lifeless down there it's still great to have this hidden away base from which you can plan your evil schemes! or whatever you want down there.

Fallout 4 Underwater Base Mod

#3: The Red Wave

Download Here

In the last couple weeks we've brought you a boat for transport to some locations, now we bring you a fully ready sea vessel to transport you quickly to a number of key locations across the wasteland. I wouldn't be surprised to see a helicopter tour somewhere in the future to do a similar thing, but on land.

Fallout 4 The Red Wave Mod

#2: Pride of Valhalla

Download Here

If you'd like to get a bit more rugged and cut up then become the Pride of Valhalla with a few options for a custom character, looked interesting so thought I'd include it in.

Fallout 4 Pride of Valhalla Mod

#1: The Flash

Download Here

The wasteland needs a speedy hero and only the Vault Flash can answer the call. I didn't find the costume all that interesting, but it does grant flash abilities and fits into the wasteland somewhat.

Fallout 4 The Flash Mod

Hope you found this 27th week of Fallout 4 mods helpful in living your wasteland life. If you created/have seen any mods that we should check out feel free to send me an email, comment of just let me know in the comments.

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