Top 10 Most Anticipated Games 2019

With 2018 wrapping up right away, it's time to take a look at the biggest games of 2019. Or, at least the ones that look the most interesting. The games come from a variety of platforms and genres presenting what I feel are the most exciting game releases to look out for over the upcoming year.

These titles are also picked based on that they most likely will be releasing over the next year. The same was thought for the list last year and some of those were still held back. Delays do happen, but I feel that most of these are a lock. That's may be why some are included, I also like to pick some strange ones as it presents variety. With that, here are the top 10 most anticipated games of 2019.

#10: World War Z

This might be one of the more odd choices for the listing, but I genuinely enjoy zombie games and this one looks absolutely wild. There will just be piles, upon piles of rabid zombies to mow down and that looks fun. It also has a cooperative focused element to it and I think that will make it even better.

#9: Kingdom Hearts III

Probably lower than most would place it, but I haven't experienced any of the past titles and from what I've seen I'm generally mildly interested. It seems like there's a lot to it and many years of build-up, but or me having never seen them released on platforms I primarily play it's somewhat hard to get into. Hopefully I'll be able to check it out.

#8: The Division 2

I thought the first game was alright and with the fresh location, I'm very interested in seeing how this sequel turns out. I played it a bit at E3 2018 and it could be headed in a great new direction. It could possibly be a large and very enticing world to battle within. The coop is obviously strong and with a focus on greater scope there's a lot of potential here.
Metro Exodus Game

#7: Metro: Exodus

The other Metro titles were awesome, this one aims to take that atmosphere and expand it further across larger environments. It'll be given the open world style, while retaining that classic feeling. I played this one at E3 2018 as well and was very impressed with the results. I really do believe this one will deliver a very quality survival experience.

#6: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

We really don't know what to expect from this one, but it carries the Jedi titling that instantly makes me reminisce about the Jedi Knight series. On top of that, this is redemption time for EA Star Wars titles and it'll release in the year of the ninth core film in the franchise. There's a lot of potential here and hopefully they deliver.

#5: Doom Eternal

The rebirth of Doom a few years back was badass, the character was tougher than ever and just went on a rampage. The multiplayer was also incredibly fun and it seems like they're going in a brand new direction with Eternal. I say that in terms of location and scope, it definitely carries the amazing fast paced gameplay you recall from their previous effort. Bethesda has also been delivering on these single player games so I'm hyped.

Gears 5 Game

#4: Anthem

I'm excited and very cautious about Anthem. There's a lot of promises here and a ton of potential if it's done right. I'm going into this one with an open mind and optimism that they deliver an expansive world to explore. From what I saw at E3 it looks fun at least and hopefully they don't forget narrative like other similar titles have when creating this type of experience.

#3: Animal Crossing

I love the original Animal Crossing and have hated their console efforts with the franchise since. The spin-offs have been complete disappointments and I hope this brings all the Bells I dream it will. It's supposed to be a traditional style of the game and I am very excited to see if they pull it off. It will be my defining game for that console if it is everything I hope it is. I'm very passionate about my Animal Crossing, you'll see me sprinting around catching the bugs for sure.

#2: Control

Remedy has consistently released amazing games and Control looks like the pinnacle of their unique story telling. It has a similar style to Quantum Break that has been expanded upon and really just unleashed. They've taken all the mystical things they excel at and have thrown them into this insane building. From what I saw at E3, this game should be mind blowing.

#1: Gears 5

I really enjoy the Gears of War franchise, it has continued to excite and present me with countless hours of multiplayer. The fourth game was a strong new direction for the series while keeping it just familiar enough. With this next entry I imagine they're going to be more creative now that fans know the Coalition can handle the series. The support for Gears of War 4 was remarkable and I really do hope that continues with this game. I'm still playing the fourth entry due to updates, they've supported it impressively and with that passion they're going to make an excellent next game.

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