The Culling 2: What Were They Thinking?

The whole situation around what I'd consider the worst game of the generation is just weird, what were they thinking with The Culling 2? I'm not entirely sure this is still timely as the game will vanish from the face of gaming, but still it's an interesting thing to look into. First off, this game sucks. It was the first zero out of ten I've awarded anything and it heavily deserves it. The real question here is why does the game exist at all. With the first Culling they have some unique ideas being one of the original battle royale type experiences. It died off quickly due to a combination of issues, especially on consoles where it was dumped right after release which annoyed the fan base there.

Apparently they're now going to revisit The Culling day one edition, but leaving that aside it's odd they would push forward with this second release. I get that battle royale games are all the rage these days, but we've seen previously that throwing out a copy with just a small twist isn't going to cut it. They then decided to release this version of the game as a premium title while doing nothing to advance the genre. There's literally nothing that makes this game special compared to other battle royale games and it has no extra modes or tweaks. The world is bland, awful and full of generic items.

It feels like the ultimate attempt at a cash in taking the original's name while doing nothing to live up to that style and putting out an empty copy of the popular battle royale titles. It dosen't have the free price point or spark of Fortnite and not nearly the quality of PUBG. Complain about the latter all you want, but taking two seconds to look at The Culling 2 you'd be blown away by the difference in quality. The game is ugly, awful and buggy in what seems like the laziest game ever released. Was the hope here to release the game and then patch after? Were they trying to just get a quick buck before leaving the market? I can't believe there were people that sat there and said this was acceptable to release to the public. Gamers might have boughten into some silly things in the past, but this game is purely insulting to anyone.

Not only is it a terrible experience, you can't even get enough players to properly play it. I'm glad they've decided to pull it as this is just a complete embarrassmentall around. I'll never forget this game and I hope other players don't when they look at future products from this developer or others. I'm usually supportive of those that create games, because I appreciate the time behind them yet I can't see that being the case here. No one cared about the state of this and assumed money would roll in or something. It's puzzling that anyone would consider this to be a package players would try, let alone pay for. It came into a situation of annoyance for the situation around the first and it being a complete pile of garbage. If you want details as to why this game sucks so much, check out my review below.

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