The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit E3 2018 Preview

Coming as a free release, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is an interesting spin-off from Life is Strange. It's also an important one as it'll directly tie into the events of Life is Strange 2. Not only in terms of characters appearing, but also with some choices factoring into the second game. I can't get enough of this universe and yet again it appears to be a sorrowing tale. We have this young boy and his father, left alone for some reason as the mother is out of the picture.

The young boy is clearly distraught with a father that's trying his best, but clearly isn't happy with the situation. This prompted the crowd at the display to make the "boy" reference from God of War, I got a laugh out of that. You get a mix of wonder and imagination with sad times as you can see the two are barely coping. That aside, it's also exciting as it aims to emulate that feeling children get when they're young. To be the hero in this world and battle evil forces by gearing up. It's an open area adventure as you aim to move around the house and backyard to complete objectives. There are a few of these from the looks of things during the E3 2018 preview I was given.
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Screenshot
Our particular mission was to collect his super gear so that he can become a hero and face challenges. This required some creative object use in the house and then through a fun montage we were able to battle the dark. Visually this looks very much like other entries in the Life is Strange series. It will also be Xbox One X enhanced, but not like Before the Storm. It will not feature 4k resolution or have any sort of support for HDR. Going back to the plot there will be allies and enemies of your hero. These will appear as you progress and complete objectives.

The kid truly believes he has the power of a hero, it's quite wonderful. Basically you're free to explore, learn and then work through a narrative that you choose. There will be throwbacks and references to Life is Strange as this does take place a few years after the events of the core series. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit should be a fun adventure, I hope Dontnod delivers as this will essentially be a preview for Life is Strange 2.

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