Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

"Zap and Pew"


Tesla vs Lovecraft is a wild twin stick shooter that wastes no time as players get right into the action. The game is largely focused on the campaign where you battle across a large quantity of levels. These levels are then twisted across various realms for tons of extra content. Each level is a small arena of war where you'll need to survive waves of enemies. These creatures constantly spawn providing a good challenge the further you go along. You'll need to pace movement as you aim to get between the packs and collect life saving power-ups along the way.

You're also constantly working towards new skills that pop up during levels and reset once each is completed. These include useful things such as double bullet fire, increased damage and so forth. There are more permanent upgrades, but these are harder to collect special crystals for. There are also basic helpful items such as health to come across and even machine parts to build your short term mech. It packs a lot of content being something you could easily waste away hours on and have a grand time.


If you don't want to play Tesla vs Lovecraft alone, you can also grab some friends for local cooperative action. This supports two to four players at once blasting away enemies. There can be just a ton of things going on at the screen at once and it looks great. It's particularly excellent if you're enjoying the Xbox One X enhanced version with that 4k resolution. You can grind so many little enemies to bits on the screen and they just keep coming. There's a good variation of enemies and some distinctly creative foes that you'll come across. Being a twin stick you blast away enemies with a large selection of weapons and you can dash around too in order to get out of a hard spot.
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The Conclusion

Tesla vs Lovecraft is an excellent twin stick shooter with creative enemies and a pile of content. There are so many levels to work through with a well thought out setup for each. They all provided their own challenge as did the mystical entities that hunted you down within them. The local cooperative multiplayer was fun and it's nice to see that option present. I liked how the power-ups were handled as you never knew what sort of small bonus might come up while you were blasting around. It has the right amount of challenge and enough content to keep your interest for an extended period of time.

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Tesla vs Lovecraft Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner