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Teen Titans GO Figure! is a premium mobile offering where players are tasked with collecting figurines and then battling with them. The general narrative follows the Teen Titans as they aim to buy the remaining figures before they're discontinued. This is apparently being caused by the Justice League so the team will need to band together in order to figure out what the situation is in that regard. There's a cutscene that explains this best. This is apparently a sequel to Teeny Titans 2 while also being a tie-in to the upcoming animated film based on the series.

When you start you're able to pick from anyone on the team and then begin building up a toy squad. It's done in a truly creative way as you actually get to go to the store and shove away figures to find what you want. This makes it feel like an authentic collecting experience and is a lot of fun. From there you're aiming to level them up by battling or by purchasing (in-game coins) extra mod chips. With this being a premium experience the microtransactions are extremely limited and well hidden. They're also easy to disable entirely and you're warned multiple times about them, they also really have no effect on core gameplay.
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Teen Titans GO Figure! is a great premium mobile offering for any audience with lots of depth within the content. I was really impressed by just how much is included here. You're generally moving around a large city with freedom to do what you please. There are minor missions that could have been a bit more present and lots of characters to battle. This is forwarded by large city areas to explore and tons of figurines to collect. These figures are then used in battle featuring multiple abilities and many tiers to level up in.

This builds into the combat elements that are sort of a in-motion combat system based on time. You watch a bar move along and then unleash powers once it has reached the threshold. It's full of depth in that regard with high levels of strategy. Basically you pick a squad, battle it out against others swapping figures on the fly and then using experience to improve. There's a high quality to this game from the visuals to the combat and the character purchasing is a treat. This is a great package and well worth it, especially for the younger audience though anyone can thoroughly enjoy it.

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Teen Titans GO Figure! Review on IOS
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Rating Overall: 8.6/10

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