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Tanks a Lot! is a very simple free to play tank based competitive multiplayer shooter. As a small tank you zoom around blasting others and battling for objectives. It actually works fairly well in that regard and it can be fun to play. That being said, the balancing definitely needs work as low levels players get disintegrated by higher levels in matches. Moving past that there are a number of modes present which are mostly objective based. For example one is like Halo's Headhunter where you need to collect barrels and hold onto them to win. Another mode is a play on battle royale pushing players inwards through a storm which was neat.

As you play you'll continue to gain items and coins, these can be used for upgrading. You're able to improve the various components of your tank and level them up as well to become more powerful. There's some neat customizing here as you adjust the tank parts, it would have been nice to see more decorative options. Also a good way for them to add extra microtransactions, the ones currently included aren't too aggressive. I can however see them being used for faster vehicle improvements compared to slower progress for free to play users. Chests are handled through a time wait for regular players, they can be sped up however.
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Tanks a Lot! is actually a really great little competitive multiplayer tank based game. It's free to play so easy to check out and it presents a number of modes to play. The objective styles are varied and that should offer something for everyone. You're able to easily customize the tanks which adds a layer of gameplay, wish it had more depth there however.

The levels are vibrant, well designed and full of bright colors. I enjoyed the cover system which would hide tanks and in grass and that worked well. Visually I thought it look great with a cartoon-like style that adds an extra bit of fun to it. It certainly was an interesting and enjoyable competitive multiplayer title, balancing aside this is a good starting point for it to grow.

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Tanks a Lot! Review on IOS

Rating Overall: 6.8/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner