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Survived By is certainly a different sort of experience taking the MMO and turning it into a bullet hell format. It's definitely something that I've never seen before so it should be a relatively novel concept. The game is based around lineage and death as you'll perish many times, but get to keep certain things going into the next of kin. It's best to never get attached to a character as they will not be around for very long. There are a wide range of classes to choose from so it'll be nice to be almost forced to try new things as you may get bored of death with a certain class offering.

Aside from the plethora of character classes there are ways to customize your abilities after death and pick an item to carry forward. It's still in development, but is looking quite polished with a large scale area to battle in. This landmass is entirely open to venture through and littered with things to do. You're able to easily group up with others by being near them and this works well to keep the flow going. Survived By loot is spread separately so don't worry about having to fight for items.

It's a neat setup, I was surprised by Survived By as it featured some interesting elements. The world is simple in design, but that works well for it painting an almost colorful world of effects. The screen was constantly sprinkled with things going on whether that was fire from you, or the enemies that were thrown across the screen. It's a simple game in terms of what it's presented, but that works well for it and sets the experience aside from other titles. That element of simplicity should also help it run well on basically anything.

This is really distinct and I haven't come across another game that aims to do something even remotely similar. The gameplay I was able to venture through with some developers and other press was tame compared to the final player counts they were discussing. It was so hectic and I can't even imagine seeing the overall full number of close to quantity of players coming together in one area. There seems to be many dungeons, a number of events to tackle and a vast world to explore. I'm curious to see what else they'll add as it comes across as being a fresh game to me.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner