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Super Destronaut DX Review

"Classic, But 3D"


Super Destronaut DX takes the classic Space Invaders type gameplay and presents it in a 3D sort of way. It works well while being a different sort of presentation. I was surprised by how interesting the game was and happily delighted by the quick Achievements for a full 1000 gamerscore. The latter doesn't count towards my rating, but a nice thing to mention for those that like to achieve. The game is split into a number of modes with the option to play in local multiplayer which is nice.

This includes thirty challenges to work through that will each provide a different sort of setup and goal. There are three distinct game types with Classic Mode, Time Attack and Hardcore. Each of these has some options to further tweak the experience. Most of the time you're aiming to eliminate the waves to progress with the variations altering what sort of challenge to expect. It may seem simple, but there's respectable depth here.


This is a very flashy sort of game heavily carrying that retro style while being slightly 3D at the same time. The presentation is clean, it's fun to see in action and the explosions are tense. There's a decent selection of enemies to blast through and a wide range of weapons to decimate them with. The levels offer a fair bit of difficulty, but I didn't find this game too hard overall. The environments are relatively the same no matter what you play, but it's a clean overall presentation.
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The Conclusion

Super Destronaut DX is a fine little package offering a variety of modes and a modern presentation for a classic style. It's nothing too complex, but a fun time. There are multiple modes to play with offerings to tweak them further if you'd like. It's nice to have the option for local multiplayer and that runs well. There's not a whole lot to cover for this one as it is simplistic, but surprisingly has a fair bit to it. The combat was fine, the many better weapons to unlock were neat and it presented challenge for those that want it.

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Super Destronaut DX Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner