Starlink: Battle for Atlas Outposts Guide How to Build

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is certainly a large scale experience and one of the key parts in regards to gameplay is working with outposts. Here's a fairly quick outposts guide for how to build them and generally what they're used for within the game. The base building acts as a way to create influence and gain resources on planets. They're obtained by removing "Imp Hives" where you shoot the red bubbles to burst those. You can also find regular empty building sites to create outposts. It's quite easy, you'll then need an allotment of resources for each particular type of building you want to create.

The options are Observatory, Refinery, Workshop and Armory. They can all be upgraded, hand out quests and receive particular minerals. They can also be swapped out after built if you'd like a different outpost at the spot. The Observatory outpost will increase your visibility of the planet. The Refinery will allow you to get a passive income of credits. The Workshop will give passive mods and benefits in terms of your weapon capabilities. Finally, there's the Armory which is essential in defending a planet while you're there or gone. Hopefully this outpost guide gave some helpful tips and details on these items. Check out our review of Starlink: Battle for Atlas below or the video for tips and tricks in the game. This should be helpful no matter if you're on Xbox One, Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch platforms with Star Fox being in the last one.

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