Snake Pass Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

This is one update that I could have never anticipated and I'm glad about that as the Snake Pass Xbox One X enhancement is an excellent surprise. It's fantastic to see a smaller game get a patch and drop of content like this as so few do. The game is based around slithering throughout a series of environments that are setup with challenges. It's almost a puzzle game as you crawl around objects and complete objectives along the way. There are extra collectibles to find and with intense physics this can be a rather difficult time. Challenging for most, I get driven mad by it at times. With this enhancement the game now features two graphic options. The first is a big jump to 4k resolution at 30fps. The second is a boost to 1080p with 60fps. Regardless, both options receive HDR support and the world truly does look brighter while featuring higher levels of detail. If that's not enough, the game is a Xbox Play Anywhere title. Buy it once digitally on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC and own it both places.
Snake Pass Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
Despite being simple in design, the worlds are fairly complex and were charming to take in when the game originally launched. With this update you immediately see a more vibrant and highly detailed environment. It looks rather realistic actually from the way the lighting touches the snake to how each stone is lit up as you crawl upon it. There was something stunning about the look of this at 4k and it made me pause what was going on at times to just take in the areas. If a graphic update isn't enough there's also some extra content present.

There's a fresh Arcade Mode that brings a classic score attack as you go through levels collecting as much fruit as possible. There's more to it than that and if you've played the game prior you'll get an idea of what twists will be present. This is a nice touch-up to a game that was rather fun, whether you're taking full advantage of 4k yet or not the HDR is a welcomed addition. Everything runs absolutely fine and it's nice to see multiple options for those that may prefer the higher frame rate. Personally the 4k is too gorgeous to resist with this snake adventure and that was my preferred selection for this revisit.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner