Black Desert Online Scrapbook

I was lucky enough to be invited to check out Black Desert Online over the past week and thought it would be great for one of my scrapbook articles. This is of course a series of photos taken while playing a particular game and Black Desert was the choice this time around with its beautiful MMO style and the best character customization of all time. Currently my scrap book will be limited as I didn't spend much time exploring since these were taken in beta and I don't like to sink my time into something that will be reset. These shots will give a good view of the character customization and some of the starting area environments.

Black Desert Online Male

I first off made this male character trying to emulate myself and I got the hair mostly right, but I still don't quite think I captured myself. Overall I still think the character looks fantastic, the amount of depth is crazy within this game.

Black Desert Online Landscape

Aside from the beautiful characters the environments also look beautiful and I thought the shot above really captured the look along with the scaling of the world. It looks quite natural when pondering down the trail, can't wait to explore further to see what sights will be held.

Black Desert Online Field

This was after combat, trying to capture the look of characters within the world itself. It's neat that despite the bright color scheme this archer had chosen, she still blended into he world quite well.

Black Desert Online Combat

This is actually a hard screenshot to pull off since the combat so far has been really quick and fluid. Really happy with the way this hit turned out as it's got a mix of blade swing, magic sparks and blood from the falling enemy.

Black Desert Online Female Archer

Like I said before I didn't spend too much time with really diving into things and decided to take an in-depth look in character customization. This is my second character where I wanted to create a vibrant red head and this is the character I eventually created.

Black Desert Online Female Archer Face

Here's a close-up on the face of my archer character, almost every single detail can be changed as there are over 15 facial spots to edit along with the well over 20 body portions to edit.

Black Desert Online Female in-game

Started the game once more with this character and aside from a minor tweak in the initial get a health potion quest things played out pretty much the same.

Black Desert Online Female Archer in-game

Here's another shot of the archer against some of the more overgrown areas filled heavily with brush and she still actually blends into the world quite well which is rather impressive.

Black Desert Online Female Sorceress

I repeated the process once more as I wanted to check out what the sorceress class has and again it's the same, though I still wanted to show off creating the character. She's purple styled.

Black Desert Online Female sorceress face

This is my last screenshot for the first set and I'll have many more once the full the game releases and I throw time into the game during my review of the title. I was amazed my the quality presented in the game as this truly is the best looking MMO I've played in terms of general gameplay graphics with a character designer that no other game even comes close to.

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner