Red Dead Redemption Review

"The True Wild West "


You begin near the end of an era. Things are changing rapidly and that means so is your weaponry. The campaign starts with a fairly long cinematic that starts the game off but really sets the mood and explains the story well. The game first teaches you how to ride your horse which is really a fun and interesting way to travel. You then continue up to a good old western fortress and get shot. The campaign has well developed characters and the scenery fits well. There are many weapons to collect and many different things you can do. From Poker to Buffalo riding. The game is basically a sandbox game with challenges you can choose to do.

Red Dead Redemption


The game feels really good when you’re playing it and the motion is really well done. Physics are superb except for the fact you can’t swim. The graphics of the game are beautiful no matter what you’re looking at from animals to plants and cactus. The changing of day and weather is masterful and really helps set the mood.


Free Roam
Free Roam is basically the entire world of Red Dead that you can freely venture through the large sandbox world as if campaign but with tons of other players where you can go form a posse. Travel around on horse or take advantage of fast travel stations posted throughout the world. This is the place you will be taken every time you enter the multiplayer lobby and you can enter true online by pressing back and selecting game mode.

True Multiplayer
You all start in a wild pre lobby doing random things in the town like smoking or playing the fiddle. Then you can do what you want for like 20 seconds. The game starts with a old western standoff, where you just spray and pray. The online has multiple different modes from deathmatch to grabbing money bags and more. You have a ranking system where you gain xp from killing enemies and capturing objectives. Xp can also be obtained for challenges and Free Roam missions. Unlock characters, titles and horses when you level up. I find that the constant radar is kind of annoying and sometimes it’s difficult to move through buildings.

Red Dead Redemption

The Conclusion

Red Dead Redemption is an amazing Wild West game and has some of the most beautiful and well drawn graphics. Although at times it wonky when wondering through buildings the game is all in all really good. The game is pretty much a Grand Theft Auto western as expected as it is the same developer.

Red Dead Redemption Box Art

Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 9.1

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner