Immortal Redneck Review

"In a Different Time"


Immortal Redneck is an absolute blast, it's an FPS where you're dungeon crawling within Egyptian style environments. You're able to play as a number of mystical characters while you work to collect a plethora of weapons. Each match has you starting from the bottom, yet being able to keep your money to purchase upgrades. The pyramid you work through is always different with distinctly unique layouts and some changing rooms. You never know what to expect when you enter a door.

It could be a friendly open room with a gift or one filled with enemies. There's a lot of variation in what you do and it's too easy to repetitively play this while enjoying it. There's a good challenge here as you work to understand what you're doing and get a grip on how to tackle the challenges. Aside from typical enemy rooms there are special challenges and various boss fights to take on in order to progress forward. It's a fun bit of difficulty as you work to get better and unleash ever so many weapons.


The FPS elements are smooth in Immortal Redneck working well on the consoles. It's also visually appealing and there are some many variations. Whether that's the themes of the rooms you visit, the enemies that come across your path or all the weapons you randomly pick up along the way. To top this off there's a chance of randomness through scrolls. You grab these perk scrolls throughout your adventures and they typically affect the current run. They could be harmless, they could be helpful though others can have direct negative interactions in what you're doing. It's actually rather fun as everything could be going well and then just take a nose dive if you walk over a scroll. It goes both ways I suppose. It was great to work towards better abilities and new characters that differ in their functionality.
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The Conclusion

Immortal Redneck is a blistering fast and excellent FPS bridging the perfect amount of dungeon crawling. I was overly pleased with how fun and ridiculous the whole thing was providing a grand time. There are so many weapons to come across and a pile of weird enemies to eliminate on your way to the top. I didn't at all mind death here and welcomed it at times because I knew the next run could be better with what I was working towards. It's got the right amount of variation here and it will definitely be hard to ever be bored of this one. Immortal Redneck was really enjoyable and if you like this type of wild shooter, it's a solid example of what can be done with the genre.

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Immortal Redneck Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner