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Another World 20th Anniversary Edition Review

"A Truly Amazing World"


Another World is a game I had never previously had the chance to play since I had never heard of it on the account of it predating me. What was at a glance a strange pixel world began to evolve into a truly magical story. Told with no dialogue and only through gestures made in the world, it was a great story. To start things off I'll go over the remastering or changes which feature redone textures and audio from which you can switch back to the original at any moment. The world is beautiful, has so many fine details and the comparison to the old is a really interesting feature that I like this remakes to have. A lot has changed in twenty years since the release and I can say that it holds up quite well. Featuring a number of basic puzzles, the main key to Another World is new tactics. You will die, or well should in a number of vicious ways as you create a plan of how to handle the various rooms. Starting off as a scientist that has been accelerated to another place you're taking captive and must escape. This is where you meet your very nice marshmallow tall friend and work together with him as you attempt to flee. There's really intense scenes available with the combat at times being rather difficult. It doesn't take a long time to complete, but the play value is determining how to continue through various parts. This requires testing the rooms, along with new strategies of how to beat various enemies and or puzzles that may lay in front of you. There are also a bunch of little side things you can do and some rather charming moments. Difficulty is not the key to this title, but rather a fun tale that you explore within it.


Movement is rather simple in the game as it's your basic platformer. I noticed that the buttons at times felt stiff when trying to get some tasks done, though not too much to complain about. The worlds were beautiful and the way of which you moved on was always very creative. The dynamic with your alien friend was awesome and really created a separate task from what you were always doing. Nothing was impossible, though it did take some thinking in order to progress at points. The change between new and old resolutions was a neat addition which helped cement the change of time present here.

The Conclusion

Another World can be frustrating at times, though after all the work I'm left warm hearted with the experience. The journey with your marshmallow alien friend and the beautiful worlds was quite exhilarating. Even with twenty years past this title can still entertain and show off a magical landscape filled with treacherous areas. It takes creativity and much thought as you progress through this quick, but sweet journey. Another World 20th Anniversary Edition is definitely worth playing, not many stories are this well done and creative.

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Rating Overall: 8.5

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