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Sixty Second Shooter Prime Review

"Evolution of Shapes"


As soon as I saw Sixty Second Shooter Prime I thought that it looked exactly like Geometry Wars which is a favorite for many from the early days of the Xbox 360. As I continued to play it I tried to have an attitude that it was something different, but nope. It's basically an evolution or change on a series that I love, and that's really not a bad thing at all. I found what SSSP did quite really well was keep me playing over and over again without setting the controller down. The games you play go by quick, really quick. Though you just want to keep yourself playing to gain higher scores or attempt a better strategy the next time around in order to perform better. There isn't a level system or a campaign aspect, but you just keep playing and what you can do in the game keeps changing until you unlock all the bonuses or powerups in the level; along with extra boards, as well as a new mode. It's split between 60 Second and Infinity mode which are both unique, yet entirely the same for the most part. 60 Second mode is intense with the clock being stuck at 1 minute, and you have to just destroy everything you can while pushing through the levels. Whereas Infinity mode which is my favorite of the two allows extension of the clock to go on as long as you can though that never is too long, at least for me. What I mean by levels as stated up above is that there are portal gates for you to move through that gain levels towards that twentieth one (achievement!) and this adds an extra step of confusion. Yes, confusion runs high as you level up with more shapes being added to the board and a frenzy of other happenings. It gets really rough at those higher up ones with so much going on that it just overloads you at some point. I'm someone that likes to control pace of games from years of sports, though SSSP just doesn't let you do that at all. It does get frustrating at a certain point, yet I just grab the controller and say one more try which turns into multiple more. Though probably a big issue with the modes are the tie in of achievements which unlock quickly and the point of SSSP not having a ton for you to work for, but there are quite a few hours of gameplay to be had.


It gets clustered out there, death is all about and those other shapes are just relentless. I'll say that it seemed sometimes that there was cheap deaths of objects falling on me as that's how they spawn or the red enemies that are un-shootable (bomb them) and it was just an extra layer that wasn't needed. It's a great variety that will challenge your mind to pick up pace or get obliterated. There's also a good range of powerups available from slowing time to invincibility or booms that don't quite always work and blind you. These are scattered across the world with new ones appearing all the time and it's quite the colorful landscape to move across, you can of course choose a scheme of color from which you enjoy the most. Another really neat ability was the slow time chain multipliers that went into effect once you reach the mark and just was a neat thing having so much time to keep it going. That itself leads into the cool death blossom that can happen if you reach the timer, it's quite beautiful.

The Conclusion

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is a great small twin stick shooter that will just keep you going on and on. It brings great nostalgia from Geometry Wars and builds in its own way. The evolution of levels and unlocks is a fascinating element in SSSP. I wish there was even more to, but it's something you can play with addiction and then come back to occasionally. For the price and at this point in the console generation it's great purchase.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

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