One More Dungeon Review

"Many Dungeons"


One More Dungeon is an interesting and simple game where players venture through procedurally generated levels to battle various creatures while collecting items along the way. The goal is to continue forward and this can be quite challenging as everything is attempting you kill you as you progress. Each dungeon is fairly large in scale offering multiple areas of tight corridors, open rooms or surprising other areas along the way. The variation here is with the procedural generation, which always keeps each playthrough fresh. It's a simple game definitely aiming to emulate classic titles such as the original Wolfenstein or the classic DOOM. This is presented through pixel art and a fantasy setting. It's not too complex, but the areas vary and the quest objectives slightly change as you try to continue.


The world looks fine with some unique visuals. It's quite sensitive to movement and locked for aiming. This works for the type of game and it's very fast paced. I would have liked the music to have more of a kick to it as it was mostly quiet in the background. The weapons were cool as I sliced rats and then used the wand to blast other enemies away. The controls were simple, there's a nice option to get a map overlay at any time and the only issue was perhaps the randomness in trying to find a way forward. The Nintendo Switch version was fine docked or undocked on the go whereas the Playstation 4 version was just fine.

One More Dungeon Nintendo Switch Screenshot

The Conclusion

One More Dungeon is an alright roguelike dungeon crawler and the first person shooter style works. It's not terribly complex, but it works well for what they aimed to create. The fantasy setting is interesting and I liked the selection of weapons. The music should have been a bit more intense considering the type of game, but not terrible with the eerie soft sounds. The procedural generation keeps the game fresh while presenting extra difficulty since you can't learn the levels. There's a wide selection of items to collect, enemies to conquer and many locations to battle through in One More Dungeon.

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One More Dungeon Review on Nintendo Switch & Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 6.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner