Putty Pals Review

"Putty Power"


Putty Pals is an adorably simple, yet vibrant and colorful platformer. The main focus of the game is to provide an entirely cooperative experience. This is present whether you're enjoying the game with two players or just playing by yourself. In the traditional sense of the title each player gets a Joy-Con, but if you jump in solo you have to control both characters at the same time. It's rather difficult there and just a bit odd to think of while playing so I definitely suggest the multiplayer for the better time. There are a couple main land masses within the game offering a different biome to visit and within each of these areas a selection of levels. The levels vary in length and difficulty offering increasing yet varied challenges. Nothing was too hardcore to complete, but it could take some extra coordination in order to successfully push forward. It's really all about cooperative play here as every challenge requires the two creatures to work together to continue.


I was quite impressed with the continuous change up of the core formula while always keeping the focus on having to get these two creatures working together. I found it rather hard to think about when playing solo since you control them both, but in multiplayer it's a lovely time. It can be frustrating communication wise, but nothing is too hard for any age to understand and work through. I found it great how they handled cooperative play since the screen tracks well and it just takes the one set of Joy-Cons to play together. The various puzzles or well challenges along the way include things such as moving through different color locked gates, climbing and swaying in order to progress. It all controls rather well and every single animation is filled with some cute fun. The characters react to each other throughout giving thumbs up and generally smiling except when lava is nearby, you can see the fear.

Putty Pals Nintendo Switch Screenshot

The Conclusion

I really enjoyed playing Putty Pals, it was an absolutely adorable time to play with another person. I found the solo option to be creative, yet somewhat more difficult because I'd have to think further for each action. There's nothing too hard here with the game and it's easily appropriate for all ages to jump into. The characters are fun, filled with little emotions and fit into their vibrant colorful world too well. It's all so simple yet ever so charming and they just up the cute factor. There's a solid amount of content to work through and some secrets to collect if that's something you're interested in working towards.

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Putty Pals Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner