Super Beat Sports Review

"Musical Hits"


Super Beat Sports is a Harmonix title that brings a selection of sports into a rhythm based situation. There are a number of sports to choose from providing a variety of game types and varying challenges. Players can enjoy a large selection of levels within those modes whether that's alone, with another individual or in a free for all of up to four players. Wacky Bat is the first mode, you aim to hit balls on the beat as they come towards you from multiple lanes.

The second is Net Ball, a directly competitive option of Beach Volleyball. Gobble Golf is another option where you play multiple holes and attempt to get the best score across these longer levels. You don't get as many levels with this golf one, but they're quite longer. Rhythm Racking is the first selection that supports the free for all, it's a soccer setup with dynamic hits available to bounce the ball at your opponents. Buddy Ball is the final mode and another free for all. It's all about swinging against creatures and then reacting accordingly.


It's a rather lovely title featuring some really bright, vibrant graphics. The colors pop and it's a generally friendly time. This provides a solid atmosphere for the younger audience though all ages could easily enjoy playing the mini games along to the beat. It's well timed and a creative use of music with sport, a perfect combination for the Nintendo Switch. It's easy to play and not too difficult to pick up. It provides a solid challenge the more levels you work through and there's a nice amount of variation across the modes. Each captures the selected sport well and with a friendly collection of creatures it's a happy time.

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The Conclusion

Super Beat Sports is a very enjoyable game packing hours of fun rhythm based battles. It provides a fine selection of sports and does something unique with them. I just love how Harmonix is able to perfectly introduce music into the different titles and that's no different here. There's a good quantity of levels to play across the modes and a great amount of game types. It's excellent for multiple players to enjoy locally or over the local network since that option is present. It displays well looking great, colorful and full of fun. The creatures you face are all rather happy making this very appropriate for the younger audience, but anyone could easily hop in for a grand time.

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Super Beat Sports Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner