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"More Dancing"


Just Dance 2018 is the latest in this now very long running series that provides a fun, quick atmosphere for grooving along to the latest hits. It's less about entirely innovating with this entry and more or less just refining the existing experience. With the game you're able to use your system's respective motion based control system or your smartphone. Both work well and in the case of the Kinect on Xbox it's excellent. The setlist is solid here, I personally don't care for all the music though have heard a number of these songs while out and about so imagine they're what the general populous listens to. There are also some great classics thrown in and an included kids area. This feature is great as it's a selection of curated songs that are just for the younger ones which I think is a welcomed addition.

If there's not enough songs you can jump into Just Dance Unlimited of which three months are provided and you can explore over three hundred additional tracks which is awesome. As usual the game attempts to get you right into it by offering the songs for you to play. After only a couple you unlock the full library and all the modes. There are fitness based options for those looking to burn calories, some playlists creations and a mix lab which blends various genres together. You can also take the battle online for World Dance Floor which is a live sort of conflict where you're placed on a side and attempt to earn points for your team.


The Just Dance series always has a bright array of vibrant and colorful backdrops with this entry being no different. It's not really any different than before in terms of visuals. The music is well choreographed, the songs feature engaging moves and there's a good variation in difficulty. It's all about fun however so don't expect the game to be a drag when it comes to keeping score of how you're performing. This also comes across as rather generous in some moves which is fine. Your performance will however grant some points as you buy things from a loot machine that can unlock additional content. From what I've seen there are no microtransactions to this aspect and it's purely an in-game system. It's easy to play the game alone or with a number of others as it can track large groups of players. Some songs are focused on certain numbers and offer special moves to each different player.

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The Conclusion

Just Dance 2018 is all about refinements offering a solid and entertaining experience. There are some nice additional modes and the option for a kids focused area is welcomed. The online World Dance Floor was an interesting mode to play and the setlist of songs is decent. The Just Dance Unlimited service is also a great inclusion for the time you get and a nice display of what that monthly service can provide. I definitely enjoyed playing the game grooving along to the many tracks and it worked perfectly whether you use Kinect (motion controls) or a smartphone.

Just Dance 2018 Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner