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The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review

"Mix of Spiderman 2 and The Amazing Spiderman"


Amazing, yet not as amazing as the previous entry. In this sequel you will be fed a mix of Spiderman 2 the game and the previous entry in the amazing series. What I mean by this is that the same style is present, but the web slinging is reminiscent of that from Spiderman 2 where it is more realistically grounded. There are no more invisible webs to cling from randomly in the sky and it will take some more focus to get where you need to go. This is better at least in my opinion in that you aren't just swinging from nothing though with this new focus it's a tad glitchy when trying move about at times. This doesn't take away from the magic of web swinging, yet makes it feel a little more satisfying. The story this time focuses more on Peter as a character with less care for anyone around him. This really does cripple the full potential as the array of villains are just cast into the various levels without and development. Oh there's Electro over there, why is he like that all of a sudden? An even bigger complaint is that there was only a minor mention of Gwen Stacy whereas the first she was a massive part of story. I feel as though they recognize the first game with Kraven's trophies, but really care little for what it was building. Not to say it isn't a good story with interesting hooks and characters, it just tackles them without any building. The fourteen chapters are split into a number of quests or missions that will lead you in a linear path allowing you to face a good variety of objectives. Finally we are somewhat done with that three key process and it is swapped up for some interesting changes. The stealth element is also focused more on this with a higher alertness of enemies and clearcut vision paths. Spiderman also has a greater focus on character levelling with suit levels and skills to unlock for great benefit. This fits nicely into the regular story as it fades into the back of what is going on. I really enjoyed the many characters that were introduced and the use of Kraven, though like I feel the movie will be it's just too clustered with quick names. The length of play is actually really good with a solid story length that is reinforced with tons of extra things for you to do from cleaning up the streets to saving civilians or just doing side quests that are still sitting around. There are even many comic books flying around that you can go read at Stan Lee's, yes Stan Lee's comic book store which also has a neat fight practice simulator. The use of extra areas or rooms was neat in the game though really caused useless load screens such as going to Aunt May's house for like four minutes. Finally I'll go over boss fights which I felt were reasonable to an extent and created a distinct pattern to follow in order to defeat them.


Everything looks shiny and the world is a beautiful recreation of New York. I did feel it could have looked better as everything is very similar to the previous entry. The gameplay style is a lot more fluid with the world and of course swinging through the city is such a treat. The character models are fairly disappointing, though textures in the world do look really good. Skills are well used and the spidy sense overhaul is very impressive. Yet again the style of combat is that of Batman Arkham series while keeping a Spiderman experience.

The Conclusion

There were a ton of characters introduced and that created an atmosphere that Spiderman fans will absolutely love. Though it was just handled poorly and I felt characters were tossed in there. Peter Parker as a person was given more focus though his real life character was somewhat lame. He's got all the wit and hilarity you would expect from Spiderman and even the gameplay to back the superhero. There were really great places to explore and tons of extras to swing into. It even had a large amount of Stan Lee thrown in which was a huge surprise and great. The Amazing Spiderman 2 works on what the first gave, though somewhat forgets it. If you want to play as Spiderman, here's another chance.

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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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