League of Evil Review

"How Evil?"


League of Evil while simple looking on the outside, is actually a very dense game. It's got just a massive selection of levels that will certainly challenge your platforming abilities. As a bionic super agent your goal is to take out the evil league that plagues the world and you do this by smashing into people. Split into ever so many quick timed based levels you aim to get the best time for a better star score. This is done by grabbing a suitcase on the way and smashing into someone at the end in order to finish. Every level is timed and each offer a distinct challenge or even set of challenges to halt your progress.

It starts out simple to teach the basic concepts and then can gets rather crazy. I'm not sure if I was ever too annoyed when working on a level, but it can take a couple tries to conquer some of them. Aside from having a lengthy campaign, the experience grows further with the level editor. Not only can you create your very own set of levels in an easy and intuitive editor, you can also check out what the community has been producing and this greatly improves the longevity of the game.


It may not be the most fancy of 2D games, but it gets the platforming right and provides tons of alterations to this. It's got a simple concept and yet continues to change things up as you progress through hundreds of levels. The platforming feels perfect while also being fun since you just bump into anyone along the way, well hopefully before you get shot at. The sense of being timed adds some panic, but it won't hold you back. I was also very impressed with how easy the editor was to work with and how simple it could be to grab new maps. The docked version looks fine and the undocked version is also great being perfect for this type of game. It's easy to take with you and play it anywhere for a solid platforming challenge.

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The Conclusion

League of Evil on Nintendo Switch is a solid addition to the library for those that enjoy a good platforming challenge. There are hundreds of levels to play with varying aspects of difficulty and setup for an always surprising evolution. The community options for growing your selection of levels is awesome and easy to take advantage of. Build maps for yourself, share them with others or download what has been created online. The game works well whether it's docked for the big screen or brought with you out on the go. I enjoyed League of Evil since it bordered correctly on the edge of difficulty.

League of Evil for Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner