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Graceful Explosion Machine is a colorful shoot 'em up where you move around in a tiny ship blasting away enemies. The story carries and a minor cinematic and then gameplay is split into multiple planets. Within these planets are a pile of levels and after playing through so many of them you unlock further allotments and areas to play. I never felt pressured to perform in any of them as I just moved through the levels trying to survive. It does track your score and compare it directly to others online so if you're into that sort of thing it's all comparable. There are a few hours of gameplay here as you blast away enemies and survive the various phases each level consists of. These last a couple minutes depending on how fast you remove the enemies on the screen as they can get very cluttered during certain situations. Aside from the main campaign you can also engage in additional challenges to further show off your skills.


The game is presented in a very clean and colorful way. It's got a simplistic design using shapes and small little blasts to showcase an intense battle. The HUD, while cluttered presents all the essential information you need from score to power and health. While playing you'll collect additional health by blasting enemies and gain higher score multipliers. These enemies appear in a variety of forms and offering distinct challenges to overcome. Your ship also has access to a number of abilities for various forms of conflict and on the fly you'll need to choose which ones are most efficient. This all leads into colorful blasts and explosions which was ever so pleasant to view.

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The Conclusion

There's a solid amount of gameplay present within Graceful Explosion Machine and it's very entertaining to play. The bright array of colors work well for it making it almost surreal in design. It's simple, yet exciting to play with some strategy necessary to be successful. The levels provide a fair amount of challenge while never being annoying to complete and I liked how multiple levels were available at once to play. The challenge mode provides some extra gameplay for a package that's a solid few hours of gameplay or more depending on your desire for the best scores. Graceful Explosion Machine was definitely fun to play and the vibrant use of color was excellent.

Graceful Explosion Machine for Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner