Pressure Overdrive Review

"Under Pressure"


Pressure Overdrive is a driving game mixed with an endless shooter. The style is that of racing down a path blasting away enemies or the occasional boss. It's split into a large selection of levels and provides a decent amount of difficulty along the way. The levels provide a great selection of variety not only in design, but also with the environments. Most levels focus on having you make it all the way through whereas the boss ones are multi-stage battles against intense vehicular enemies. You'll also come across some cinematics occasionally which tell a story of what's going on. While playing you're constantly earning points and these are used towards improving your vehicle or buying new weapons. These items improve your vehicle and make it easier to progress. Aside from the main campaign is an endless mode where you just continue through waves and try to make it as far as you can before getting shot down.


The game looks fine with a nice set of graphics and many enemies piling onto the screen. The levels are often intense with multiple unique vehicles rolling in for conflict and the variety was appreciated. It's also a blast to play in coop if you have a friend nearby to hop in. When it comes to core play you control the pace of the levels. You can halt progress to dodge enemy fire or continue to roll by it. Aside from monitoring the actual field you'll need to make sure the pressure doesn't build up in your vehicle or it'll slow down and the rate of fire will be affected.

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The Conclusion

Pressure Overdrive is a great game, it's fun to play and packed with content. It provides not only challenging levels, but an endless mode as well as customization options. You'll spend a fair bit of time trying to improve your ride and build towards a stronger vehicle. It's an exciting game as well since the format of an endless shooter does work well in vehicular format. There's a solid amount of length to the story and this should provide a decent quantity of game time that can be enjoyed by yourself or with a local friend.

Pressure Overdrive Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner