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Super CloudBuilt is really, really fast paced to the degree that my mind had troubles initially adapting to how quick movement was. The game is set over the course of multiple levels as a young soldier goes through a process of recovery. That's basically all there is to the story though as each level just throws a line of self confirmation and then nothing else happens. It starts off rather intriguing story wise and then that just gets left behind. This then turns into just completing a series of levels ranging from awesome speed runs to wow, let me throw this controller across the room. Some of the levels I would try multiple times since its rather nice in offering you extra bonuses to keep playing and give up. You're not exactly limited in how you play it since there are multiple wings of levels to work through. This option of choice is carried across levels to a degree since each will offer a number of paths that can be used to reach the end.


I really loved the distinct look of Super CloudBuilt being a mix of realistic blocks and then a fantasy open sky. The movement was intense and when things went well it was exciting. To the side of that, there were few moments I could feel the true speed of the game. I'd move forward just a little with speed and get stopped by something or an area would require different timing. It eliminated that sense of unleashed agility and I also had a similar issue on most wall running segments. It's like with the Sonic games that halt you all the time, it takes away the point of the game which is speed. The combat works well for the most part and I loved how each of the levels brought a distinct environment.

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The Conclusion

Super CloudBuilt is a solid game providing a decent campaign and many challenges to play if that's your sort of thing. It also has some extra modes for those that really want to be better than others with multiple leaderboards focused to speedrunning. The content is decent though some of the difficulty is just purely insane to the point I couldn't even comprehend how to beat the endings on some of the levels. It's a good challenge, the game looks great and the speed can be a blast. That being said, I would have liked to see some more moments of true speed come into play to counteract the feeling of slowness that constantly appeared.

Super CloudBuilt Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner