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"So Hot"


Super Hot VR for Playstation4 VR puts the player in the middle of the action of the Super Hot world. The level environments are all plain white, player hands and weapons are black and enemies are red. The player must defeat all enemies in the area to progress to the next. The unique thing about the action is that the enemies only move when the player moves. Also, the action moves only as fast as the player making slowly avoiding gunfire the best bet while rapid reactions usually assure a quick death. The game begins with a short tutorial, then puts the player in a bare white room with only a pistol.

Pulling the trigger results in a prompt to, “Aim for the head.” Having no target, I thought I had a bad install of the game. After reinstalling and coming to the same spot, I realized that there was indeed one head in the room and after shooting it I advanced to the hub of the game. The hub is a bank of old computers and monitors with an old 3 ½” floppy that had to be picked up and inserted into one of the drives with the correct label. The player is then prompted to reach up and put on a virtual VR helmet to be transported into the level. The levels can get physically demanding between dodging, making throwing motions with improvised weapons and punching enemies along with gunplay.

Super Hot VR awards this with a “Burning 1000 calories” Trophy, which will be well deserved. Super Hot VR also has a unique way of notifying the player of trophies in-game. While many Playstation4 VR games will only play the Trophy tone, Super Hot VR will drop a sticky memo with a hand drawn picture of the trophy that can be grabbed and manipulated in-game, which I found to be a nice touch.


Super Hot VR does not support the dualshock4 controller and must be played with the Move controllers. The game features stylized environments and enemies that run smoothly in the virtual world. Super Hot VR can get physically demanding as the player may find themselves in an isometric pose while dodging gunfire while planning the next move. One frustration I encountered was difficulty in pick-ups, especially when the guns were right in front of me, leading to mad scrambles letting the Red Dudes get the drop on me. This led to the second frustration where dying anywhere in the level puts the player back to the beginning of the level. This made some of the early levels feel like a bit of a grind. Although it does make it more satisfying once all the levels are completed in one go and getting the “Super Hot” voiceover.

Superhot Playstation VR Screenshot

The Conclusion

Super Hot VR for Playstation4 VR offers an exciting VR shooter experience. The environments and enemies look polished. The game runs smoothly with its timestop feature. I enjoyed the VR experience inside a VR idea and the unique notification system. Despite some control issues, it is a fun experience being in the world dodging bullets and pulling off super-human moves. Super Hot VR serves up a no-nonsense virtual reality experience.

Superhot VR for Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Glen Fortkamp