Chess Ultra Review

"Chess, but Ultra"


Chess Ultra takes the classic game and adds a premium format to it with crisp, beautiful graphics and many options to play. It's hard to review a game that's based around such a well known game and it does emulate the game well. There's a decent selection of stunning environments, pieces and options to customize your game. You can make it as professional or casual as you want playing against others or the computer. This can be done with regular matches or online with the option to resume multiple matches from the menu. Aside from just doing quick matches there's also some challenge modes with historical options or with a certain number of mates. This is followed by a tournament area for more complex Chess competitions. To round it all out is a tutorial area where you can learn this timeless game if you're not well versed with it.


It's certainly Chess, but there's a certain fine tuning of precision that makes this gorgeous. The boards look very crisp with high levels of quality and multiple customization options. You can play with generic pieces or choose something a bit more out there while it stays true to the game. For the most part it provides a solid challenge based on your skill level with only having me question the endings at times. The movement of pieces is simple and it was charming to play with soft music.

Chess Ultra Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

It's honestly somewhat difficult to review a game about Chess because it's such a basic game that so many people have an understanding about. With Chess Ultra they've emulated the game well while adding a pristine and premium style to the game. It's basically taking a classic and shining it up to make it a special experience. Every mode one would expect from this type of game is present and then some. It looks fantastic from the smooth boards to the shiny pieces and even the environments are gorgeous. This is definitely the pinnacle of Chess and it probably doesn't get any better than this.

Chess Ultra Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner