Neighborhorde Review

"The Neighbors Must Horde it Up"


Neighborhorde is a local cooperative multiplayer game where the goal is to come together as a group to tackle waves of various enemies. This might seem rather simple in concept, but there's actually quite a fair bit of depth here. Picking from one of the locations (you unlock more by surviving) you attempt to make it through days and nights. At the start of each cycle you get to choose either a new weapon in rotation or perk ability. There are just a ton of weapons available from paper airplanes to musical trumpets.

The perk abilities range from having a better friend circle to having a chance to light enemies on fire from contact. It's a silly game with options like that and it works well. The core of the experience is your friend circle, it's more fun with real players but fine with competent bots. This friend circle keeps you healthy, grants bonuses and makes your crew tougher so be a friend and stick together. You'll also occasionally have to battle bosses so be cautious for those as they can be tough. You also earn coins while playing and can then buy some decorative items.


Neighborhorde can actually be a rather difficult game though one that practice can make you better. You need to adapt better strategies, keep your friend circle strong and get lucky. Everything appears at random so each playthrough is different and you never know what set of items or abilities you'll get. You also are never sure about enemies as there could be magicians, maybe feet or even ninjas running around. The general gameplay is simple as you punch, hop and then move around. You can easily revive someone by being over them and the gameplay runs fine.

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The Conclusion

I enjoyed playing Neighborhorde finding it to be a simple and fun game to play with a group of friends. It would have been nice to see online coop also included, but it works fine as a local game. There's a wide range of weapons, abilities and enemies to face with each match being unique. Everything is random so you never know what's going to show up and this is a great strength with the quantity of content present here. I definitely enjoyed my time with the game finding it fun, it's great for a local group if you have it with the bots being a fine substitution if not.

Neighborhorde Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner