Everspace Review

"Gorgeous Space Crawler"


Everspace is certainly one of the most beautiful space games I've ever played with every single moment being a shining one of pure glory. It's really that great looking and it was pleasant to just fly around taking in the various planetary backdrops. Everspace follows the story of a pilot that has lost their memory and is dealing with the many threats of space. It isn't too in-depth but gets told over cinematics and in-game audio chats. The story does expand upon the concept, but it takes time as you'll need to progress through the hostile sectors to gain access to the plot. This aspect is not something I loved since I'm really into narrative, but it works fine with the theme of the game.

The sectors are always random and the game carries that roguelite feeling, but in space. It all plays out in a unique way and I don't believe there are many games like this. As the lone pilot you get feedback and information from your AI, but the choices all fall upon you. Each playthrough has you jumping through various sectors and then death makes you start at the beginning once again. It can be frustrating for sure, but many players like this sort of challenge. There are difficulty levels present and the game focuses on having players advance their ship's abilities across many playthroughs.


Like I had mentioned before, Everspace is gorgeous. Whether that's with the floating asteroids, surreal planetary backdrops or the many ships shooting at you. It's intense to play once you get in dogfights and there are a wide range of enemies to come across. Each battle feels unique as does the universe that you get to explore. It had simple concepts for playing, yet solid controls that work perfectly for the ships. I felt so intense dealing with damage as you repair things by collecting resources and get better weapons in a similar same way. There are many areas to salvage, enemy ships to destroy and neutral parties to run into.

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The Conclusion

Everspace works well providing countless hours of challenging and exciting space fights. I found it rather difficult at times despite changes in difficulty, but that's part of the appeal. There are difficulties present if it gets tough or frustrating with the core goal being the improvement of ship abilities. The universe is an absolute treat to fly through and it feels strangely alive with how much activity is present. Few games have ever done this sort of gameplay style and it feels like a completely unique experience. This being with the general design and with the ever changing sectors to explore. Everspace is an engaging and intense space game that's got something for everyone.

Everspace Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner