The Lego Movie Game Review

"Basically an Addition to the Movie"


So this game review is coming after I had already viewed and reviewed the Lego Movie itself. So I can clearly tell you that you should watch the movie first in order to have a full experience out of this entire situation in the Lego verse. Basically I found the game to be an expansion of the Movie even mixed with cutscenes that were edited from this. So basically the game takes the all the fun of the movie, expands it and lets you play as all your favorite characters with full voice acting.

Taking all of the past Lego styled gameplay that you should all be very used to at this point you play across this expansion of levels that seem to be split into three acts to a section and nicely all work together as they are attached to their own separate hubs. This leads to a lot of variety as you will view and go through many classical worlds that span every generation of Lego. This should definitely be magical to all ages while connecting beautifully with everyone that has touched Lego in their lives.

Basically the game feels just about the same as previous entires in terms of design with puzzles, character specialities and somewhat linear design. This has always made the traditional play feel special and that is no different here. It was very fun for me to roll throw and there are a ton of things still left to accomplish such as going back for all the collectables or even building the final play sets. It's an essential part of the movie actually in the sense that it deeply builds on something that was already amazing, the game itself never really did anything too much of a wow factory. Though it is a nice addition and does what it does quite well.
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Looks great and performs well as the Lego games of past have done. Puzzles aren't too difficult and there is of course drop-in/drop-out coop for you to play locally (Give Us Online Coop!). I did have some minor glitches that were typical and overlooked again, didn't really ruin anything for me as I still had a great time. LEGO Movie Game

The Conclusion

If you love the Lego games series of have seen this movie it is essential to your collection. It's a ton of fun and has the best bonus room of the Lego games series for sure. Take control of Emmet, Wildstyle, Batman and all your favorites including UniKitty!

As you save the Lego verse from the dangerous secret weapon. You will even have more fun in coop and every age group will appreciate this title, also go watch the damn movie!

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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner