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Lethal League Review

"The Candyman Can"


Lethal League is a wacky brawler game where players compete against each other locally or online. The game can be played by yourself with bots that offer a decent challenge with up to four players per match. This four player cap is carried if you mix in other players or matchmake against others. The game can be played with less as well, but I suggest more for ultimate combat. The game carries three modes of versus including a Free for All, Team (same as FFA, but with another player) and Strikers which turns it into a sporting mode. The Strikes mode has players attempting smash the ball at the other team's net as opposed to trying to kill them with it. It's a neat change of pace from just the combat which can be insane as the ball gains speed with each hit. Aside from just the regular play is the Challenge mode where you go against the AI in a series of challenges with the goal to win it all.


The game is rather simple, you just attempt to smack the ball at your enemy and make sure they can't return it. Think of it like Tennis, but with a ball of death and hilarious characters. The roster is quite funny looking with the Candyman being my favorite. It's got a nice pixel look to it that works well with lots of little details. The rooms are basic in look but offer a wide range of terrains. The gameplay of Lethal League is actually quite fun and very distinct. With smacking the ball comes some options as well since you can tweak your character's position to alter the movement of the ball on the swing.

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The Conclusion

Lethal League was enjoyable to play offering a fair selection of modes, characters and arenas to battle in. The multiplayer is really well done with what's a simple fun game to play. The characters are purely wacky and the game works great whether you want to battle against bots, play locally with others or take the combat online. There's also the Challenge mode if you'd like something different, but the regular competitive modes suffice.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

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