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"Murder with a Twist"


The Sexy Brutale is a murder mystery game with a twist of time manipulation thrown in. It's actually incredibly creative in how that's handled as all the guests seem to be getting murdered within close proximity and by taking things one death at a time you're able to save them all. It's designed in a puzzle like way with each guest or set of guests being a separate level you tackle. Things start off simple and continue to grow in complexity as you move through a series of rooms that build on one another. There's a vast amount of settings available during this casino night at the mansion and many separate narratives that chain together. It not only has a solid intriguing story, but is also very dark and mystical at the same time. With the save of each key guest you also gain new abilities with each level and therefore fresh mechanics are constantly available.


When you enter each room the entire layout is visible with each being littered with little details. There's more to it than that as you'll spy in rooms from key holes, secret passages and try to avoid guests at all costs. When in the same room you'll burn up so the goal is to gather intel from a distance. From there it's just simple interactions with the environment to solve the puzzles and then finding ways to keep everyone from facing death. There's also that whole time element of which the day can run out in a negative or positive way. You may have to redo certain days because you failed or just that by doing so allows you to be somewhere new or in a proper place at the right time.

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The Conclusion

The Sexy Brutale was a unique and completely fresh take on the murder mystery theme with a simple complexity of time being involved. It looks great with many challenging yet never too difficult puzzles to complete while you adventure through this massive mansion. There's some nice simplicity to things as well since it was so grand in scale or detail yet easy with what the task was. The characters were interesting and it was constantly intriguing to build their back stories through stealthy intel collecting and mystical abilities. The Sexy Brutale is a creative game and a great one for those that enjoy puzzles with an extra bit of dark themes to it.

The Sexy Brutale Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner