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Halo Spartan Assault Review

"Well, It looks like Halo"


Spartan Assault is basically an over the top shooter that has been plastered with the universe of Halo, I originally had this title for the Surface of which it does indeed perform better on. In all fairness there really isn't anything wrong with this title except for perhaps the lack of content and definitely the tiny added five coop levels that aren't really anything special. I go to mean that any average player could easily blow through this title and like me have absolutely no desire to try for higher star counts of which are your ratings per level or other. Anyways it's basically the feeling of Halo with characters from Halo 4 that you despise. It definitely looks damn beautiful and has that Halo feeling, though it really is just a bridge as we wait for an actual Halo title to be released. In all my time playing this title I felt even though it was alright on consoles, the touch controls are what it was meant for and even the length of the levels were to be on the go. It does have a fair variety of detail in the differing levels that are based from basic survival to destroying objectives or even protecting some useless engineers. These are always the best military uses for Spartans! The cutscenes and story were fairly neat, though this really does feel like just an extra game to play as we wait for something real.


So the game is over the top and still plays like a Halo title of where you are in first person. You can really feel that it was built for touch with controller layouts added in addition, every world looks fantastic for a plus though and fits well into some random bridge within the Halo universe. Coop brings back the dreaded Flood as you burn through them on only five levels with that entire experience not lasting very long at all and making me sad that I can't play with my friend longer.

The Conclusion

This will be one of those Halo titles everyone brushes off and looks the other way. There really isn't anything wrong with it, just for Halo we expect and deserve more. It lacks content and that spark that makes Halo enjoyable. Five coop levels? Doesn't include single player levels as coop? I feel bad for getting my friend to purchase this for someone to play with. If you really want to play this right, get it on a Tablet or Mobile Device.

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Review Done on Halo Spartan Assault for Xbox One

Rating Overall: 6.0

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