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Loot Rascals Review

"Hexagonal Looting"


Loot Rascals is a simple, quick turn based game where you move across hexagonal squares to kill enemies and collect cards. You're sent out to check on the status of an installation far off in space and when you get there things take a dark turn. It would appear some massive object has blocked your path and you crash onto this unknown world. After collecting yourself it would seem the mission has changed into one of survival and that's what you do. Starting off in a protective dome you gather quests, get tips or play with your deck and then head outwards. You'll most likely die quite a bit until you get a lucky decent deck going and that's fine as each play is completely unique. This is done by having random world generation and each place truly did have its own style while still being balanced for having to restart. The story stays somewhat standard, but you just get to keep exploring new worlds and fighting different creatures. You get better by collecting cards and eventually get to move up a tier to face harsher challenges. Aside from just the regular story you can also input a seed similar to Minecraft for certain generation or play the world of the day which is the same as everyone else gets.


An aspect I absolutely love about Loot Rascals is how simple the game is to play. You just walk around the hexagon-based environments exploring the wide range of terrain and then stumble onto creatures. From there the game auto-battles with your pre-selected deck and either you get loot from winning or just carry on. The loot comes in the form of cards and you build a deck with them that contains ten slots. These slots can be used for attack, defense or wild cards in any places though some cards have bonuses for doing certain placements with them. This card area is basically the core of the game and there are some funky ones that you can collect out there.

The Conclusion

Like I had mentioned before Loot Rascals is a simple yet awesome game filled with addictive yet brief battles. You get to explore absolutely lovely worlds with some charming graphics. I also found the small cinematics to be splendid with great laughs and this is just an awesome easy going game. The card system is well placed as I usually don't care for card games in video game form and they do it so right here. There might not seem like the game has a lot to it, but there's certainly depth here. It's a blast to play and I absolutely loved it.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

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