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Nevermind Review

"Explore the Thoughts"


Nevermind is a psychological horror type experience in that you play as a doctor of sorts that goes into the minds of clients to explore what the root cause of their issues is. The game gives you a number of client files to explore in an order that continues to grow in randomness and difficulty. Each offers a fresh patient with a unique issue that needs to be explored and in turn they all have completely separate twisted worlds. Taking place in the subconscious things get strange with odd worlds and interesting narratives that help explain the problems the client is experiencing. The first tutorial lesson tells the story of Hansel and Gretel which is a perfect introduction into the type of work you'll be doing at the institution. Not only do you move through the fantasies, you also are to be collecting paintings that in the end help paint the exact picture of what has happened. There are some fairly graphic aspects to the game so definitely adult and very horrific at times.


This is mostly a game focused on walking around and taking in the sights. There is however a number of odd puzzles to complete and honestly some of these felt just random so they may take time to piece together. The environments looked solid with some very odd locations and fun manipulations of scenery. The game does however lack something that was neat on PC which is their biofeedback system that registers you fears to change the world. This is an interesting aspect as it would have mixed things up though it's fine without it. It actually might have been great to see the Kinect being used for this aspect. That aside the developer did mention that they'll be looking in the future to see if it's possible later.

The Conclusion

Nevermind is definitely an interesting game to play with some intriguing story elements though not exactly exciting. It's sure to provide some horror aspects though the stories didn't feel twisted enough coming across as a bit cliché. This particularly being with the end results that seemed too optimistic. Not to say some of the moments weren't crazy, that's just what I thought when going through them. Aside from regular level completions you can also replay for a perfect score by collecting things or even enjoy some calm side scenes for relaxation that I assume help calm players after each level.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

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