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"Happy Crawling"


Happy Dungeons is a free to play dungeon crawler that's a spin-off of the well known Happy Wars. This game has up to four players working together to tackle dungeons in either the regular campaign, infinite mode or the bonus dungeon. The campaign is quite lengthy split into a number of acts that each have a selection of levels and a narrative. It's actually quite entertaining in its own humorous way and the mix of story into the regular dungeon crawling works well. While playing you're constantly collecting items that can be used towards improving other weapons and this is a core aspect of the Happy series. There are of course other options for improving items such as armor pieces and these are gained in the forge area. Being a free to play this is where the microtransactions come in as you can buy tickets to get better weapons, jewels to buy special items or points that help when forging better equipment. The game itself is unrestricted offering hours of gameplay across the various modes as the dungeon crawling aspects keep it continuously fresh.


The game retains the same design and style of Happy Wars with a backed out third person that features easy melee controls. There are a number of classes to choose from that offer various abilities and the best squads have a good mixture. This game is also quite challenging at times since enemies can cause great amounts of damage whereas other times you mow troops down so definitely varying levels. Carrying a cartoon art style it looks decent though similar to Happy Wars for sure. The game itself mostly comes across as quick rooms filled with enemies, traps and items to collect with a room at the end to continue forward. Actual dungeon segments offer choice as there are multiple paths to take and things to discover while travelling through them.

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The Conclusion

Happy Dungeons is an exciting and enjoyable dungeon crawler that offers a vast amount of content. It's got a full campaign mixed with a leveling system and endless dungeons to continue expanding your time with it. While that doesn't sound like a lot there's quite a bit to do and it's all free. It can feel a bit grindy when it comes to getting proper equipment to survive, but better that than microtransactions effecting regular gameplay. I also enjoyed the story finding the characters charming and this is a game that all can certainly enjoy. There's a wide range of items to collect while crawling, exciting areas to explore and an interesting story to keep you going.

Happy Dungeons Review on Xbox One and Windows 10
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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner