Boom Ball for Kinect 2 Review

"Scenic Boom"


Boom Ball for Kinect 2 greatly expands upon the original featuring fifty fresh levels and the added option of cooperative play for all of them. This feature is well welcomed as playing with another player might even be more challenging while at the same time fun. The game is split into five areas; Tropical Paradise, Snowy Mountain, Crystal Caves, Cloud City and Space with each offering a unique theme. While each level within the areas follow the same theme they often are still completely unique in regards to the backdrop or cube shapes and that helps make each a new surprise. All levels within each area are available when the section is unlocked so you can go through them how you please. I was pleasantly surprised at how much variation was found within each level and that they constantly had new shapes and challenges. One of my favorites was one where they're trying to find a cat having a small cat hiding or another where you fight a lava type creature as a boss of sorts. Each level also has stars to unlock which are based on performance such as time and not losing balls while playing them.


There's no one else out there that has the same grasp of Kinect controls as Virtual Air Guitar does. This title focuses on using your hands as paddles within a 3D space to knock cubes away. The gestures are incredibly responsive whether you play in single or coop and the menus are a pleasure to move through without the use of a controller. The game also looks great with a wide variety of environments across the levels and many smaller details that add to the fun. It also does provide a good challenge as well while still be accessible to all ages.

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The Conclusion

This is another great Kinect game and definitely a must have for the device. It's got a great selection of levels that offer a wide variety of spaces and very responsive gesture controls. As mentioned previously the entire game can be enjoyed in single or cooperative play with each level working well for either. The game is also quite fun to play as you blast away the poor and scared blocks that come together in fascinating ways to make objects. Boom Ball for Kinect 2 builds well on the original using the Kinect perfectly while offering a sold amount of content and a variety of spaces to smash the friendly cubes.

Boom Ball for Kinect 2 Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner