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Trove Review

"A Voxel Adventure"


Trove is a free to play voxel based MMO that takes a lighter approach to dungeon crawling. The world or well generally worlds are random to a degree offering varying levels of difficulty. You start off in a hub area and then move along entering portals that offer new levels of difficulty as you power up by clearing dungeons and eliminating enemies. That's the general concept of the game and it's something that's completely family friendly while also offering some tougher sections for the older audience as well. It's also nice to see this title ported over to the consoles so well running smooth while having no noticeable drawbacks on the experience and a great control scheme. Aside from the general concept of dungeon clearing you're also able to collect resources from the world that can be used on your house lots in order to customize them and build new machines to get better items. Dungeons aren't really fully of depth being a few minute venture, but some tougher enemies can be found in fortresses. The dungeons do get somewhat repetitive, but there's a decent amount of variety when exploring them. You're also able to join or make clubs and then enter their special world hub to build items which is a neat social addition.


Being a voxel based game you're able to basically destroy the entire world using your magic drill and build with block shapes similar to Minecraft. Despite this, it's very much a dungeon crawler where you take out groups of creatures, collect look and continue on your adventures. There's a wide range of classes available to accompany your adventures that you can choose between and each offers a unique ability within the world. Combat is also well done with a creative scheme that matches the keyboard quite well while actually feeling better at times. You also get to use a mount for long distance travel which is a joy and there are more to earn while playing. There's a massive variation within the environments you come across with everything from murky swamps to a candy land. They're also continually updating the game so new contact is added all the time and the game scales well based on your level with the portal focus. I was also impressed with the draw distance within this version as it's quite far and helps with immersion.

The Conclusion

Trove is a wonderful free to play game that's something all age groups can enjoy. It does feel a bit repetitive and shallow at times since you literally just clear out dungeons for experience. This works alright, but it would be nice to see some more complexity in the world or even quest lines to some degree. It's still an enjoyable experience and one I like to check out on the occasion. It should definitely provide hours of gameplay with the push of microtransactions so you can just enjoy playing.

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Review Done on Trove for Xbox One & Playstation 4

Rating Overall: 7.2

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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