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Drive! Drive! Drive! Review

"Multi-Track Fury"


In accordance to the title this game is all about driving and doing so furiously. Each race is only one lap which might sound crazy, but works well as you'll need to manage multiple tracks at once. Switch on the fly or in a pause mode between the few layers of track available while attempting to gain a median score between the vehicles. There's a wide range of campaign levels that sprawl out over a set of multiple universes that each offer their own unique challenges, race modes and scenery. This is carried over to free play as any course can be played with any of the modes and continuing in campaign also unlocks more to play on. The modes vary from regular races to collecting orbs and even time trials. There's also a multiplayer to race against others and a full course editor with the option to share custom tracks with the community. It's also incredibly easy to use with multiple tracks pieces to alter, flip or shift and the option to add layered track as well. Once you've selected the track layout you try random environments from the universe, give it a test drive and then share it with others.


It really doesn't aim for realism in a sense as this is a galactic driving adventure featuring smooth geometric maps and cars to use. You unlock more vehicles through progression and while all are useful they each offer some unique traits. The handling of vehicles is also great in the game with easy options to boost, smooth turns and beat the competition. It does get overwhelming at times to run the many tracks, but that does make this experience fresh. I didn't find the AI to be particularly challenging as you just bulldoze them over, but I guess it would very hard to perform on a few lanes while racing against tough AI. There are also difficulty levels though if you want a bit more challenge out there.

The Conclusion

I certainly enjoyed Drive! Drive! Drive! finding it to have a fresh take on racing while bringing a smooth driving experience into the mix. There was also a pile of content available here whether you're playing it by yourself or with others. You can create tracks or even just play what others have made which should add some longevity to it. This definitely feels like a full racing game that provides a wide range of things to do and races to have.

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Rating Overall: 8.2

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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