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Xbox Fitness at its current state is available to all Xbox Live Gold members and offers an array of free or even paid workouts for you to choose from. All of these can of course be done multiple times and are even encouraged by in-game instructions with almost any sort of rountine being covered. They have everything from working on the beachbody, to core or even just plain cardio. From there the overall arch of Xbox Fitness stacks your fit points, calories and compares your performance to others in the world that are in your sex age group. With that you earn stamps and eventually once you complete a passbook it levels you up and basically makes you seem more impressive to the furthest extent. Once you have selected your chosen workout you move in game which is basically like watching those old workout videos where you are being tracked for performance and movement. It is really neat to see the Kinect focuses on where you are moving your weight or putting pressure onto the ground. It also provides a nice bit of encouragement and feedback that doesn't make a negative impact like many Kinect titles. Your time left and covered is shown at the bottom in a nice timeline that pops up with small extra information or let you know what is up ahead. There really isn't too much to the overall experience other than the complete evolution of how you are working out at home with your Xbox One. After playing a number of workouts I found them to be quite energizing and actually very usefull to get quick or a long workout based on my preferences, though I will go to note that the costly workouts feel like they are quite a bit overpriced.

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Xbox Fitness looks and feels great for what it does. Showcasing a beautiful video on the left showing off you training rountine with very proffessinal individuals instructing you. The right is your Kinect image and it shows of all the stats and rates you based on movement. This will lead onto the star system that scores each section of a given workout and then gives score points from there. I don't know how precise it is to seeing exactly how well you are on task with a workout, but it only scores when are actually putting in some sort of an effort.

The Conclusion

Peggle 2 is magnificent title Review on Xbox One that no one should avoid, it brings just a joyous time with a ton of gameplay. The characters are crazy with unique personalities despite really just sorta being there and those puzzles are so addicting. Whether it be just for crazy enjoyment or high scores Peggle will give you exactly what you want and shoot streaks of crazy at you everytime you finish a level. I had a great time with the game and will continue to for a long time with the multiplayer and going back to up any past scores. Each movement through the pegs are magical and I celebrate too intensely when a great shot is performed or feel lots of pressure when ball count is low when the orange peg count be high. A final note is that I did find a couple crashes to dashboard which really wasn't too negative when they hit and that at times the game does take liberty with the DVR system. All in all you will want to play this amazing title for now and for a long time ahead.

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Xbox Fitness Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 8.5

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner