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"Amnesia Seems Common"


Amnesia Collection brings together the well known horror games of "The Dark Descent", its DLC "Justine" and "A Machine for Pigs". All these games are slightly updated for this package and come together to create a nice package. They're still separate in design as it doesn't include on seamless menu and instead splits into each of the games. This is fine, but it would have been nice to have that easy access type of game to make it one experience. In the first Amnesia you awaken in a dark castle without little guidance aside from a trail and a letter from perhaps yourself. This creates a sense of darkness as you're not sure what's going on and need to discover past horrors by solving puzzles and exploring the world. It also is strict in its message of telling you that atmosphere is important and to take your time instead of just running through it.

This actually does bring some benefits to the title as you get more out of it by taking the time to look around. Aside from puzzle solving resource management is important since you need torches and other items to aid when looking around. This game feels linear in design to create an atmospheric effect and this works well with darkness also waging havoc on your senses. The Justine DLC builds on this first game's design while offering a fresh character and a new intriguing story. The sequel, A Machine for Pigs takes place in a different time era where you're attempting to find you children. It's almost a bit too simplified removing the resource and survival aspect while also opening up the location. This is more focused towards puzzle solving and still feels linear, but offers a much larger set of rooms to move through.


Both games are dark in design offering an adult take on horror and providing some horrific environments. These places also carry a perfect atmosphere that balances discovery with terror. All the games carry a first person perspective with minimal options for interacting with the world around you. There are objects that can be moved or puzzles to be solved, but this is much more limited in the sequel as it removes the survival elements from the first game. Visually I found both titles to be pleasant, having aged well and running smooth in this collection. They all capture the time eras well while also having some unique environments to explore with Pigs having a larger feeling of detail.

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The Conclusion

The Amnesia Collection brings some of the best horror games together in a nice package that's sure to bring some terror into your life. It would have been nice to get the collection more streamlined in being a single package, but they work fine in this collection. They're very similar in design, yet vastly different when you go to play them. The first acts as a survival horror title while I'd say the sequel is more along the lines of being an explorative horror. They each bring unique puzzles, enemies and stories so there's enough content that they feel fresh.

Amnesia Collection for Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner