Marvel Pinball: Epic Collection Volume 1 Review

"Greatest Pinball Heroes"


PinballFX2 is the greatest Pinball game currently available and one that I enjoy as I always get to check out their occasional new releases. After many years of creating tables they've put together a collection including some of their best Marvel tables. This is intended to be a separate experience from their usual hub and the Marvel tables work well together. You'll get a nice mix of super hero tables and almost all of the characters are now commonplace thanks to the MCU making them generally recognizable. The included tables in this first volume are Spiderman; Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Blade, The Avengers, World War Hulk, Civil War, Ant-Man, Venom and Fear Itself. A couple of them are based on the MCU whereas the majority actually follow the comic lines and do so fairly faithfully. The tables are all fully voiced with some character animations being acted on the table for doing certain moves or following the story lines. All your stats are collected when playing any of the experiences whether that's solo player or competitive local multiplayer on tables and then are scored on the global leaderboards. It's a nice way to see how you stack up and for friends that want to Pinball together there are a few options for matches.


The tables each look incredibly unique and I forgot just how great the variation was in these tables having played a number of them separately in the past. The game is smooth running at a high frame rate with smooth resolution and this makes the tables shine. It's an easy game to play though difficult to fully master if attempt to do any of the stories for higher scores. Each of the tables also carries a unique theme for its hero and all of them capture the spirit of their character very well.

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The Conclusion

If you enjoy playing Pinball or like Marvel in general then this is a nice package having a well rounded group of tables. The presented characters are also quite large, especially today and the tables each bring something unique for the selected heroes. There's a set of stories for each of the tables and they provide many of the largest heroes around these days. It's also a completely separate experience so you don't need to worry about any other downloads and can just enjoy a focused Pinball package. There's leaderboards for all your stats and options to play the game with others if you'd like. The Marvel Pinball Epic Collection is a great package bringing together the best heroes and some of the best PinballFX2 tables together.

Marvel Pinball: Epic Collection Volume 1 for Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner