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This is definitely a game aimed towards the younger audience as you care for this nice flock of sheep making sure their needs are met. This is an open ended experience where there's not so much of a story and more just playing it. It holds your hand for quite awhile as you learn all the basics of coin collecting and caring for the flock. There are many options present for how you can take care of the group from making sure water is available, to growing food and finally using more advanced techniques. The game also features a number of options for customizing the sheep if you have extra resources available or providing them with better items to survive with. This is important as they can get chilled when moving to the various regions and you need to adjust for those. There's a progression system of sorts with levels that unlock new items and abilities for you to take advantage of.


The artwork is very friendly for Clouds & Sheep 2 featuring greatly detailed sheep and environments. The sheep also feel lively having many fun actions to them, I do however wish you could name them. You can also do a wide range of activities with the sheep that all earn you points that can be spent on items to assist the flock. It's a simple game for sure that anyone can play though I did find it rather boring at times, but again I'm not the target audience. It can also get rather deadly if you're not careful and I forgot to pause it for a small period of time when grabbing a snack and the majority of my flock starved which was shocking.

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The Conclusion

Younger players will definitely get the most out of the game finding the sheep to be fun not only in what they do, but in the interactions that can be done with them. The graphics are lovely bringing a bright feeling to the world and there's a good selection of environments to explore which can be switched at anytime while also expandable as well. Clouds and Sheep 2 won't be for everyone out there as I did find it boring, but appreciate the quality and scale of the game. It should offer endless hours of gameplay with a long progression system to unlock new features and items over time.

Clouds and Sheep 2 Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner