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"It's a Short Blast!"


You are put in charge of a wonderful zoo and must run it any way you deem fit. You may select campaign mode or just free build that offers money in limited or unlimited amounts. It just really allows you to select your style of play whereas much of my time was spent in casual play on the unlimited mode which made me hit a major hurdle that ultimately ruins everything about this game. There's a sickening limit of about one hundred objects that includes everything in your park from animals to people or buildings. This limits the whole premise of the tycoon and cripples the game. It is only slightly remedied by the fact you can have multiple world zoos, though you shouldn't give such massive space while locking my item count. This should be fixed and ruins all the enjoyment I had working with my multiple animal exhibits. This aside the game is actually interesting allowing you to edit the zoo to the tiniest detail from care items to people or even the trash cans around exhbits. There are a many animals to be had that can be aged from young to old and play with however you choose. The game is split between playfull walking as a character or tycoon mode which is the more traditional overhead mode that lets you spectate everything that is going on. This offers multiple choices of how to play and is very unique to run about the zoo to see others enjoying it though these people are quite plain. From customzing you also select care specialists and others to look after the zoo while leveling your zoo fame in order to unlock even better attractions. Though again comes that limited forcing you to constantly swap things about. Most rules of nature apply and it sadly does not allow you to add Gazelles with lions, though the walls aren't very high and i'm always scared a Komodo Dragon may come out to eat people. Anyways the animals look sick and the world is vibrant for what is actually given, though strictly cut with the small build limit.

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It's sick being able to grab a friend to come venture about and help build your zoo for some wild fun, though i can imagine the building limit may even be reached at a far quicker pace though there is cooperative fun to be had! Everything in the game looks great from environment to animals or even the smaller ventures (BTW this was Chef Boyardee sponsored to the max) like entertainment or food chains. The zoo will look great and be your own no matter what mode you choose to play with animals of your hand selection.

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The Conclusion

Run your zoo however you like and even have the entire expierence with a friend. Enjoy with constraints of money or objectives if you choose, though it is best to play in relaxing grace as the game is very laid back. The animals are all awesome and I find it hilarious to have my Polar Bears chill with the other bears. Though the limits and basic lack of growth are what kill this simulator making it something less enjoyable for all. Most adults probably won't care for the title, though younger individuals will love it until they hit the limit.

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Zoo Tycoon Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 5.7

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner