Battlefield 4 Review

"It definitely struggles to Render on this gen"


For a game that is of massive scale and depth that brings in tons of emotional impact the campaign feels incredibly broken. I have seriously never seen levels that are so large and require to loading such as in this game, it is ridiculous that they would attempt such a feat so I will definitely give them that. The destruction is crazy and the environment feels so damn realistic with graphics that rival the multiplayer component by a massive margin. It's just the many issues that plague this console version that destroyed the short experience for me. The fact that audio would be off or enemies would be delayed in spawn and randomly show up all around me. It may have been the fact that it just couldn't keep up with me, but it is still unacceptable to have crippling issues that kill the time I had with it. From there I will go onto saying that there was some very emotional moments that even gave me quick quiver from cutting off and leaving my commanding officer or even leaving some more marines to complete the mission. Normally these moments don't bother me, though either the tone or realism made these portions difficult. By the end of the fairly short campaign I did indeed care for my squad mates despite hating the woman character for the longest time, it just was awful to have to make multiple decisisions quickly at the end. The end itself felt rushed and was setup to make me replay the level in order to unlock the achievements which was annoying. Overall the level variety was great from sea to mountains or even rural cities. There were plenty of minor annoyances and textures that were missing that hindered this, but a small loss compared to the scale. I cannot deny that I had continued interest in the campaign and unlocking things for multiplayer were a smart thing to do, it just really wasn't meant to be played on this current console generation.

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This is an area where Battlefield has always been best for me, to say this iteration's go at it is disappointing would be crazy. The scale is even larger with that array level being nothing short of crazy. It still lacks the proper number count we will see next-gen or that of the PC. Going onwards it feels much of the same with the addition of many game modes and commander modes return. It really is just a bigger space of destruction with your friends or the randoms online. Everyone can just run around and do as they please on the hopes of running into others. Levolution is something to touch upon as it changes the space, but is really only present a couple times and only makes the map look awful texture wise. To some this up; bigger maps, more weapons and crazier environments.


Battlefield 4 brings on a new controller scheme that is very akin to Call of Duty and it does make sense, though the new flying controls piss me off as I was fairly used to the olden ones. The world looks even more beautiful and alive then the previous installment, though yet again it all feels like some glorified tech demo of destruction.

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The Conclusion

Battlefield 4 is much of the same and the accept that to some extent, though I feel they should be pushing innovation instead of sinking into a slouch that had been Call of Duty for so many years. It is a fantastic game that has so much potential on a proper console or PC that can run it, so quite honestly wait to witness it on those. The campaign really drags down the game, not in story for once. Yet for the damn annoyances and delayed gameplay that just negates the time. Enter the Battlefield for a slightly larger world with some more destruction again.

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Battlefield 4 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner