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Uno was one of the popular games back in the last generation of consoles and one of the titles I was happy to see being given another run now. If you're unfamiliar with the Uno it's a card game with the goal of removing every card from your hand. In the center there's a starting card and you attempt to remove your cards on turn by matching the colors or number/symbol that's face up. Aside from generic number cards you can also get special ones pop-up which is where the symbol mention comes in with these having the option to skip other's turn, change the color or even shoot out cards. That's the basis of the game which hasn't changed much aside from the Rabbids mode where there's some minor animation cards thrown in. Despite capturing the core of the game there really isn't anything to the game with some restricted features from the last version. In the core of the game you get the option to play offline against up to four AI players or with real people in free for all or two versus two. This is the exact same online and it would have been good for them to actually do anything else with the title. It's basically the exact same experience with some cut down features and a slightly brighter design.


Uno looks really sleek, it's got bright colors and emulates the cards well. The menus are slow for some odd reason and the game had many horribly bad lag spikes come if I did try to exit to the dashboard in order to invite a friend or do something else. This being the response of the game once I came in or left as it would just basically freeze and I have had a couple total game crashes as well. It was also rather difficult to play with friends as it doesn't allow private messages. I also bought this game with the expectation that it would be a social game like on the last generation. You're restricted in chatting only with friends online if you so choose and that's the same if you opt-in to use an attached video camera. This was disappointing as I was hoping to capture that essence of fun online chat at least and that's just removed.

The Conclusion

The game of Uno is basically just that, it doesn't attempt to do anything original while restricting social features from the last version. I was disappointed that there wasn't anything else to this game and that they have a nice DLC tab being clearly pointed out in the menu as coming soon so we have that to look forward to. It's not that Uno is a bad game or anything, it just doesn't run entirely well and lacks content. If you like Uno then it will work well and if you're able to get friends together then lucky you and it's sure to be a good time. I was just expecting quite a bit more from one of my early favorites of the last generation and this version did not deliver.

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Review Done on Uno for Xbox One

Rating Overall: 5.5

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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