Remember Me Review

"Twist and Play with the Mind"


Step into the shoes of Nilin a memory hunter with the unique ability to remix memories into her favor. Having being caught and stuck in the maximum Bastille she is awakened from her mental slumber by Edge, leader of her Errorist organization. Escaping from the Bastille Nilin is welcomed into a dark neo Paris filled with a series of degraded humans that have been twisted by the overindulgence of memories. In this time each person has the ability to hold onto their memories, share them or even remove ones of agony. The future itself is a gorgeous world with each and every section of the game having a distinct cyberpunk style. It is really beautiful to occasionally take a break from combat or the dialogue to have a quick glance about the environment. Combat itself is slightly an interesting feature forcing you to put together chains of combos that can be customized in differing ways to perform moves. Moves that are in the sense of generating health, cooling your special extra powers and creating some extra damage on a foe. Though at times this can be stressful in terms of performing the moves while dodging the enemies it is an interesting system at the least. Enemies vary though they all have an intense toughness that requires many fancy dodges mixed with extra power moves such as a boost or stun ability. Obviously some enemies are vulnerable to some whereas others are dull and easy to slice through. Drones are also some things that fly around quite continuously in some parts for which you must sneak around or solve a small puzzle to defeat. Finally there are a series of bosses as is the style, each requires you to perform in different aspects as shown throughout the game and giving you small clumps of enemies to build your abilities to destroy them. There’s a lot of platforming or you could say parkouring where you are flowing through the maps and those areas are actually quite interesting in their own regard, though at times the way she grabs them can be stressful. Which leads into the final and very fascinating part of the game where you ocasionally remix some individual’s memories into your favor by manipulating their past events, it really is an experience different from any other games.

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A very fluent third person game that allows slick movements in combat and the ability to dodge about freely. It is a very linear game in style, though the mix of combat and cinematics is beautifully done. The adventuring movement through the varying places of the future Paris brings a mix of scale and environment that is well welcomed.

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The Conclusion

Remember Me is a title that should be remembered. It has an absolute distinct style that sways from the models. It does have a tired some combat style mixed with some annoying bosses with one particular fight being very stressing. The story is capturing and decent enough that it drew me to play through it all quickly. The puzzles provide some though with the mix of gameplay, along with cinematics being well brought. It was a most pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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Remember Me for Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner