Bioshock Infinite Review

"The Perfect City in the Clouds"


After briefly thinking upon your apparent sins and being told that you must collect some girl to repay your deep debt you are sent jetting up to the clouds. While soaring you come across an entire city that is floating above filled with a pleasant and quaint folk that a fair bit of racism due to the era of time. Once getting a splash of water or so you awaken to the central hub of the city and begin your exploration. There are a few times of where you are allowed to make decisions, these will have somewhat minor impacts on what is to play out. With your first decision you will quickly learn that your character Dewitt is well accustomed to using a series of firearms. I will also take this moment to dive into the depth of your character which is described through small, subtle things in the environment and a number of scenarios which show reflections of Dewitt. Despite being what I would say is a linear design you are allowed to be creative within your space and take use of a selection of drinkable potions that grant you marvelous powers. Like injecting through the vein as before, just less lethal looking. The general feel is that of traditional Bioshock with some elements of grappling around in the air and a strange way of changing the stories pace. All your weapon upgrades are here, along with a number of traditional things from past Bioshock games like the additional narrative through voice recordings. Though it really is a magical experience to be a float in the clouds that have some sort of sparkling flow to them. Onto a story that is well thought out having a number of tiny things that pull together towards an ending that will definitely leave you in awe and wonder. Being chalked with enemies and a straight objective that it is nice that the game provides a mix up in the form of playing around with time. Your incredibly charming, useful and interesting companion Elizabeth will provide tears to mix things up while supplying you with useful items the entire time. Her character development throughout is remarkable and the charm that she creates throughout gives you extra care to the story progression. The floating city of Columbia is full of mysterious areas to explore and crazy things to have happen. I mean there is a revolution at one point followed by a few bird attacks and some heated chases. Aside from your main adventure are side missions to play if you choose and a bonus 1999 mode that makes the game slightly more intense with higher costs of revival and a more limited supply route.

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Playing in the sense of past Bioshock titles with the added ability to make tears to create helpful items or the addition of the skyline to glide about on. It really is just basic improvements with a more beautiful environment filled with little things to do and a helpful sidekick. The enemies you face vary to some small degree and make you get somewhat tactical. Also time tears can confuse.

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The Conclusion

Take it to the clouds in one of the most enchanting campaigns you will ever witness. Despite at times feeling like there are a many enemies the overall arch of the campaign is amazing. Follow the small details and just get lost in this colorful world that is just enchanting. There is a solid story to experience filled with twists, turns and many events that will leave you puzzled. From your first play is the ability to go back in 1999 mode for more challenge or just replay for collectables.

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Bioshock Infinite for Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Rating Overall: 10

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner