Kung-Fu for Kinect Review

"Summersault Power!"


Kung-Fu for Kinect is the latest title from Virtual Air Guitar which has at this point shown with comfort that they have mastered Kinect game development. In this latest game you get literally get placed into the game in order to fight off waves of enemies using your skills of Kung-Fu. This was definitely the reason the Kinect was made for as it's just a ton of fun and it's crazy to see yourself in the title fighting people. It's got a set of intuitive movements that kept the action going and it was such a good time. I had a great laugh during the opening comic strip cinematics as you actually get to take pictures beforehand that are placed within those screens. That builds up some fun before getting thrown into the stage in order to fight off the horde of enemies. It features a lengthy campaign split off into a number of stages with some featuring multiple sub-sections so there's a ton of core story content. Aside from that they also have a great challenges area which perhaps might need more of a push within the title as there's a ton of content in there. They've put together a great list of extra activities from times trials to survival missions and even mini-game type events such as King of the Hill. The game also provides an incredible workout and it's great to actually have fun while sweating away in combat.


You get placed within the world which is quite amazing and then you fight just by throwing regular punches or kicking. There are also special moves you can use by doing certain gestures which was fun such as the mighty summersault. It features a number of stages each with a variation of the environments and some applications of verticality within them as well. The game featured a nice style going for somewhat of a cartoon look mixed with comic strips which were used well and the integration of the player worked flawlessly. It was a nice and simple Kinect game to play with menus that work perfectly well with hand gestures.

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The Conclusion

Even being a remake from the last generation I felt that this was a strong Kinect title that truly shows what the potential of the device is. It's disappointing we don't get to see more games like this as it works well being a fun experience to play occasionally. There's also a great workout to be had from the game as you don't even notice it until you get quite tried with fighting all the enemies. It's got a decent story with a number of challenge modes that create a compelling package. I had a lot of fun playing Kung-Fu for Kinect and I'm sure everyone that gives it a go will as well.

Kung-Fu for Kinect Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner